FELLERS Equipment Support

Fellers Certified EquipmentFELLERS Approved Wrap Equipment is more than just equipment! We strive to make sure our customers are not out a printer (and therefore out of a means to make a living) any longer than possible. We understand that time is money and will do our best to get support to our customers as soon as possible.

Remember if you're not printing, we're not selling you materials!

Give us a call if you purchased your Mutoh ValueJet, Graphtec cutter, or Seal Laminator from FELLERS and are in need of technical assistance.

Mutoh-Seal-Graphtec Support Information

Phone: (888) 863-8383 ext 3120
Email: equipment.support@fellers.com

Other Information

Equipment Sales: equipment.sales@fellers.com
Product Development: product.development@fellers.com
General Sales & Service: sales.service@fellers.com


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